A TF tackles frigid temperatures

A TF tackles frigid temperatures

The Port of Sabetta is situated on the estuary of the Ob River. This infrastructure is extremely important because on completion, it will allow the transport by sea of natural gas from the rich reserves of this area.

Construction works are performed in climate, environmental and logistical conditions that are challenging to say the least. Winter temperatures can go down to -56°C; the area is difficult to reach; and no villages or built-up areas exist, only camps for housing workers and technicians assigned to the construction of the many structures and plants.
The works were signed over to Yamal spg, a subsidiary of  Gazprom, which then contracted Ooo Trestsapsibgidrostroi, this latter company subcontracting works to three others, including  Mostotriat69 who purchased a TF 1000 from our dealer Tradicia.

Excavating under water                                                

One of the many jobs performed by Mastoriat69, alongside works by other subcontractors, is the excavation of the sea bottom immediately adjacent to the docks. The works are essential in order to create a bed of gravel that will prevent the effects of the high and low tides.  The job of the TF 1000 is to grind the layer of sand on the bottom down to a depth of 6.5 m.
The cutter head is delivering excellent results despite the fact that it is working under water with a temperature of 2°C and external temperatures that in the month of March arrive at below -25°C.  Similar to a project in  Alaska, the TF in Siberia is giving proof of its high productivity and reliability, exhibiting perfect water-tightness in an application where it is submerged for most of the time.


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