A VSE 30 performs in Austria

The Rellwerk power station is part of infrastructure works to modernize and upgrade the hydroelectric power network of Voralberg, the alpine region of western Austria. Financed by the European Investment Bank, the station is part of a hydroelectric complex of the region that will produce 13.5 megawatts when up and running. Started in late 2014, works to build the power station include creation of a reservoir, pumping station, power plant and a pipeline network.
Covering pipes with the VSE 30

Konhofer based in Satteins, Austria was one of the contractors assigned to works on the new power station, including installation of a 1-meter diameter pipeline for conveying the water to the reservoir and pumping station. Once the pipeline was laid, the pipe segments had to be welded and then covered with gravel, the latter process usually involving the transport of gravel up the mountain by way of a service road. However, hauling the gravel was time-consuming, and because the service road running parallel to the pipeline was so narrow, gravel transport was often delayed by welding operations.

On the suggestion of Otto Wohlgenannt, one of Simex's Austrian dealers, Konhofer rented one of the first VSE 30 screening buckets the company produced. The attachment screened the excavated material accumulated along the welded pipe and then covered the pipe using the bucket, a solution that proved an excellent alternative to the pre-screening and hauling operations. In addition, the VSE 30 produced the gravel size specified, preventing bigger pieces from entering the trench and ensuring excellent productivity.
Ideal size for productivity and mobility

With a capacity of 0.85 cu m and a weight of 1790 kg (empty bucket), the VSE screening bucket is the ideal machine for 18-24 metric ton excavators.  Like its "big brother" the VSE 40, the VSE 30 allows the output size of the screened material to be adjusted from the cabin via electric command. Featuring a bucket shape that maximizes capacity and production, the VSE 30 also boasts an excellent weight-to-size ratio, which makes it a great match with machines like those used for the Rellwerk power station. The VSE 30 also offers easy tool replacement, an aspect that further improves profitability thanks to minimum machine down time.


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