Milling under guardrail with a PL SG

Milling under guardrail with a PL SG
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on 25/11/2021
In recent years, milling and finishing requirements have changed. Simex’s design and productive efforts focused on these new developments, aware of a state-of-the-art R&D department, on which the company has always invested.
Starting from the many demands of a market in continuous evolution, Simex counts among its products a special road planer, called PL SG, designed to mill either under the guardrail or when leaned against it. There were two application needs to be respected: on the one hand, meeting the project specifications to excavate a trench or gutter under the guardrail; on the other hand, the solution had to consider the various guardrail configurations, with different heights above the ground.
Recently, a PL SG intervened in the province of Pordenone, on the A28 motorway section, on behalf of our local dealer Edilmeccanica. To meet the customer’s specific requirements, Simex asphalt planer has been configured with a 300 mm high frame and a special 400 mm wide milling drum, and then coupled to a CAT 262D3 skid steer loader, set to a working depth of 50 mm, using the hydraulic side shift to move the PL SG exactly under the guardrail.

This kind of job couldn’t be performed by the large cold planers or traditional self-leveling Simex planers. Intended for mounting on compact loaders, the PL SG can remove the step left by larger machines. Designed with a completely renewed framed if compared to the traditional planers, this model features only one lateral slide, ledge on upper part to enable it to lean against the guardrail, hydraulic side shift and depth adjustment. And finally, it can be supplied with a conveyor belt to remove the milled material from the excavation.
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