Simex RWA 500 wheel saw: success in Germany

Simex RWA 500 wheel saw: success in Germany
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on 22/11/2018

The RWA 500 wheel saw is Simex's response to situations where the attachment is not able to work perfectly parallel to the ground. Also, the outlets for the material allow for a clean trench at the depth set without the need for a scraper.

Initially conceived for the German market, where local administrations prefer mini-trenches for fiber optic installation to be excavated at curbsides, the Simex RWA 500 wheel saw is becoming popular in other countries too.
Like the RW 500, the RWA 500 (where A stands for angle) wheel saw has been designed for trenching  pre-set widths on hard and compact surfaces, such as asphalt, cement and rock. Unlike the RW 500, however, it can be tilted thanks to a hydraulic system to compensate when the machine is working at an angle up to a difference in level of 200 mm.

Self-levelling to guarantee the quality of the trench

Insufficient visibility of the work area is no longer a concern of the operator because the milling depth obtained is exactly and consistently that input thanks to the self-levelling feature
The milling depth, in fact, is constant in any condition, regardless of the ground contour and the position of the attachment with respect to the prime mover, since it corresponds always and exactly to that input.
Another feature of the RWA 500 are the outlets for the material, which allow for a clean trench at the depth set without the need for a scraper, a solution benefiting the light weight of the attachment. The excavated material exits at right or left, but if necessary can be conveyed to only one side by closing off one of the outlets, a very useful feature when trenching at roadsides. 

Simex RWA 500 wheel saw: now also with suction

The RWA 500 is now available with a special fitting connecting a flexible pipe to a suction device that removes all the waste material without leaving it at the side of the trench. The system is disassembled easily and allows the machine to be quickly switched back to the configuration with side discharge. 
The RWA 500 has been operated with excellent results in various parts of Germany by  FFK – Rhön-Montage,  one of the most important German companies specializing in fiber optics installation. Independent of the configuration adopted (with or without suction connector), the attachment has stood out for its productivity and precision.

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