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The new year opened for Simex with an important recognition for one of the new cutting heads of the Company, the TFC 400, that the last January 23rd in Verona has won the SAMOTER Innovation Award 2020 for the attachments category.

The motivations include the improvement of the concept of the milling head applied to the catenary system, the optimisation of the efficiency and versatility when excavating narrow trenches to lay pipes, conduits and ducts, and the improved productivity in tunnel applications.

The achievement confirms the positive trend of the company in 2019, with successes in all world markets: Simex has strengthened its sales network, continuing to develop new attachments that provide effective responses to users’ requirements.

A new facility and the expansion on the north american market

The ongoing efforts in research and development, resulting in the introduction of new products in the range, have also led to the construction of a new 7,500 m2 structure that will streamline delivery times even more and step up the company’s ability to meet growing demand.
As stated Mirco Risi, Simex CEO, at the B2Press event in Verona, this is a choice made also in view of Simex expansion into the North American market, that requires a new structure to fill orders faster. This is a needed step due to two factors: on one hand, the company is experiencing longer delivery times by the suppliers, especially hydraulic component makers; on the other, market conditions see users placing orders for attachments only after being sure they got the job, so at the last possible moment before being able to use them. To better respond to these circumstances, Simex has invested in a new warehouse with high storage capacity, scheduled to be up and running in the early months of the new year.

The new milling headers TFC 400 and TFC 600

The continuous milling-cutting machine with double drum and central chain is the ideal attachment for excavating narrow trenches, in-depth milling on vertical walls and tunnel roofs, as well as profiling flat walls. These patented cutter heads with continous cutting are specially designed for mounting on excavators. Their innovative system allows whole width of the attachment to cut without gaps at center or side footprints.
Ideal for finishing flat surfaces and trenches, precise and not noisy in the work area, they have a low impact on the surrounding environment and can be used for the profiling of tunnels, foundations and concrete surfaces, milling asphalt and cement, milling plaster, crushing of roots and tree trunks.

Continuing cutting cutter heads offer the advantage of evenly milling material that needs to be profiled or excavated without leaving breaks at center in between the two drums, or requiring the lateral movement of the excavator boom in order to mill residual surfaces, all to the benefit of time savings and working method.

The TFC 400 and TFC 600 cutter heads are designed respectively for 6-10 ton and 9-12 ton excavators.

The TFC 400, with its 18.5 kN of cutting force, is an attachment that can excavate small trenches for utilities installation, profile concrete surfaces and ably remove tree trunks in agricultural-forestry applications. Their relatively small size, combined with the use of ultra-radius excavators, provide the user with a highly productive attachment even when working in tight spaces, for example when demolishing small foundations.

The TFC 600 is the more powerful of the two attachments and is designed to take on heavier applications than the TFC 400. With a cutting force of 24.5 kN, this cutter head can be used to mill deteriorated layers of concrete structures, such as side walls and roofs of tunnels, and containment walls in road and highway settings. The TFC 600 is also ideal for profiling cut-off walls, and thanks to its size and that of the prime mover it is coupled with, it can be used in urban settings to perform trenching for utilities installation, e.g., branches of sewer systems or aqueducts.

Article published in "Strade & Autostrade" (EDI-CEM Srl),  on April 28, 2020.
Author: Matteo Ferrario

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