Trenching for gas pipelines: an extreme job for a TF 1100 drum cutter

Trenching for gas pipelines: an extreme job for a TF 1100 drum cutter
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on 18/02/2022
In Yamal peninsula, north west Siberia, a Simex TF 1100 drumcutter was employed for trench excavation for laying a gas pipeline to the village of Novy Port. The excavation was carried out during the winter in extreme weather conditions but necessary for the completion of the work. The very low temperatures that make the ground frozen in permafrost conditions, in fact, allowed the transit of heavy vehicles and the effective excavation of the ground. During the spring thaw, the whole area turns into swamp, not passable by heavy machines.
Cold temperatures (with peaks of -40 °), frozen ground, strong presence of stones and the need to complete the excavation before the thaw, working on several shifts to cover the whole day: for all these reasons a Simex TF 1100 drum cutter was chosen. The Simex attachment was capable of maintaining a productivity of 20 m³/h in extreme environmental conditions and at the same time guaranteeing high reliability, despite strong stresses and almost seamless processing.
All this was made possible by the characteristics that distinguish all the models of drum cutters in the Simex TF range. Direct drive hydraulic piston motor, which directly delivers power to the drums without mechanical transmission components, guarantees high torque and high performance. Shaft transmits motion only and bears no load thanks to double support bearings for each drum. Filter on feed line and on drainage line, both integrated, protect the hydraulic system from any external impurities.
In this context, Simex TF drum cutter granted a double advantage: on the one hand, the excavation of a narrow and deep trench; on the other, a milled material suitable to be immediately reused on site in the excavation backfilling, not requiring a further volumetric reduction by a second equipment or operating machine.
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