Asphalt Pavers ST160

For laying asphalt and waste materials

Designed to lay asphalt or waste material to fill fixed-section trenches, create sidewalks or widen existing roadways.
Extremely easy to use and to maintain, these pavers have been specially designed without the container for the asphalt.  

Easy to clean and lightweight to transport   

Simex pavers stand out for getting the job done fast.
The rear scraper blade with independent right-left height adjustment determines the thickness of the surface to be laid.
Because the paver extends  laterally outside the wheel, the operator can lay asphalt on sidewalks or widen roadways without having to pass over the laid asphalt with the prime mover.  

Easy to use

Patented system. E. Extremely easy to use on daily jobs. Can run with standard flow machine.

Huge savings in time and cost

Up to 10 times faster than manual labor. In a cleaner, more consistent and safer manner.

Simple design, easy mantenance

The patented simple design is the key to a low maintenance attachment. Low maintenance means more working hours.

Easy to clean, light and durable

Designed without a limiting hopper. As soon as the asphalt is unloaded, the ST can spread it.

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Paving Width: 1500 mm

Min. Paving Width: 125 mm

RH outside-wheel paving: 1025 mm

Asphalt thickness adjustment: mechanical/electric

Oil flow: 45 l/min

Required oil pressure: 200 bar

Operating weight: 610 Kg

Recommended excavator weight

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