Planers for Excavator - PLB - PHD

For planing asphalt and cement in pre-set depths

Designed for removing the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or for milling deteriorated sections for later resurfacing.

Designed to mill pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces such as asphalt and cement. SIMEX PLB planers for excavator allow the possibility to reuse milled material for backfilling trenches.  
They are very effective for milling or cutting  any surface, whether horizontal, vertical or sloped. 

Technical focus: Constant planing depth.

Thanks to the swinging support, pivoted on the same rotation axis as the milling drum, the attachment maintains a perfect planing surface support in any condition, regardless of the ground contour and the attachment's position with respect to the prime mover. 

SIMEX Patent 

The independent right-left depth adjustment allows the slide on the opposite side of the motor to be independently height-adjusted. As a result, side-by-side planing produces perfectly flat surfaces.

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