Planers for Excavator PLB 450

<strong>Designed for removing the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or for milling deteriorated sections for later resurfacing.</strong><br />
<br />
<span>Designed to mill pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces such as asphalt and cement. SIMEX PLB planers for excavator allow the possibility to reuse milled material for backfilling trenches. &nbsp;</span><br />
<span>They are very effective for milling or cutting&nbsp; any surface, whether horizontal, vertical or sloped.&nbsp;</span>

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Width: 450 mm

Depth: 0 - 150 mm

Weight drum std.: 710 kg

Oil flow: 75 - 140 l/min

Required oil pressure: 300 - 180 BAR

7-13 ton Recommended excavator weight

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