Wheel Saws - T

For fixed-section trenching

For cutting and narrow trenching.

Designed for fixed-section trenching on hard and compact surfaces, including asphalt, cement and rock. Full wheel protection at any working depth ensures maximum safety of persons and property.
Hydraulic piston motors in direct drive with milling disk allow maximum hydraulic efficiency and a high cutting force. 

Technical focus: Trench clearing 

The trench clearing device is a blade that enters the trench during the excavation; it makes sure the trench is clean and emptied in preparation for utilities installation.  

Technical focus: Material discharge 

Discharged material, which can be reused later to backfill the trench,  is normally expelled to the right and left. One of the discharge outlets can be closed to allow discharge to one side only (useful for roadside trenching).  

Technical focus: Wheel sectors 

The disk has removable and interchangeable sectors to quickly adjust to the trench width while using the same base disk.


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