No-Dig technologies: Simex mini and micro-trenching solutions

No-Dig technologies: Simex mini and micro-trenching solutions
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on 14/02/2022
No-dig technologies are a set of techniques ideal for reline, repair and renew the underground utilities network minimizing the impact on road pavements.
Unlike the traditional trench, those techniques, such as mini and micro-trenches, have a faster execution, with a significant lower production of waste material. Furthermore, the reduced excavation section does not excessively damage the existing pavement, with considerably lower recovery times and costs.
Simex offers 9 models of wheel saws specifically designed for reduced set-section trenches. The attachments are included into 3 product ranges: RW and T for compact loaders and RWE for excavator boom mounting.
MICRO-TRENCHING: widths between 1,6 and 2,5 cm (0,6-1 inches). Max depth: 25 cm (9,9 inches).
MINI-TRENCHING: widths between 5 and 15 cm (2-6 inches). Max depth: 30-40 cm (11,9-15,7 inches).
Minimize the need for recovery
Reduce heavy vehicle traffic
Reduce the impact on viability
Savings on construction site costs
Simex wheel saws for micro-trenching
For mini-excavators and compact loaders
RWE 15 and RW 150
Widths: from 2,5 to 5 cm (1-2 inches)
Depths: from 10 to 15 cm (4-6 inches)
T 200
Widths: da 2,5 a 5 cm (1-2 inches)
Depth: 20 cm (7,9 inches)
For mini/midi excavators
RWE 20 and RWE 30
Widths: from 2,5 to 8 cm (1-3,1 inches)
Depths: from 20 to 30 cm (7,9-11,9 inches)


Simex wheel saws for micro and mini-trenching
For compact loaders
T 300 and TA 300
Widths: from 2,5 to 8 cm (1-3,1 inches)
Depth: 30 cm
For excavators and compact loaders
RWE 35 and RW 350
Widths: from 2,5 to 8 cm (1-3,1 inches)
Depths: from 25 to 35 cm (9,9-13,8 inches)

Simex is a member of IATT, Italian Association for Trenchless Technology, an association founded in 1994 in Italy for promoting, develop and apply trenchless technologies (no-digging).
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