Simex reaches 700 mm depth with a new wheel saw

Simex reaches 700 mm depth with a new wheel saw
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on 24/05/2024
After the great success achieved in recent years by the RW 500 model, Simex has gone further by offering a new wheel saw, with fully hydraulic technical features, with increased depths, to meet the various request of the underground utilities sector.

A peculiarity of the RWA 700 model is the lateral tilt, hydraulically operated from the cab, which allows the cutting wheel to always be kept vertical, even when the operating machine is not parallel to the road surface, as when working on sidewalks. The hydraulic system allows the equipment to be tilted by +6°/-6° so as to compensate for any differences in height on the job-site.

The segmented wheel allows rapid variation of the excavation width while maintaining the same base wheel. RWA 700 features 80-, 100- and 120-mm expansion sectors - depending on the customer's excavation needs - which can be easily replaced, with no downtimes, without having to dismantle the entire cutting disc. The working depth, hydraulically adjusted, varies from a minimum of 400 mm up to a maximum of 700 mm, as previously indicated.

The special design of the outlets allows trench to be cleared efficiently at the set-depth, with no scraper; a solution benefiting the light weight of the attachment. The excavated material is discharged on both right and left sides, but it can also be conveyed to one side only by closing off one of the outlets: a very useful feature when trenching at roadsides or flush against the walls.


Simex offers more than 18 models of wheel saws specifically designed for reduced set-section trenches. The attachments are included into 3 product ranges: RW and T for compact loaders and RWE for excavator boom mounting.
Unlike with conventional excavations, mini-trenching has a faster execution, with lower production of waste material and considerably lower restoration times and costs. In addition, the possibility of using smaller operating machines limits the size of road construction sites to the benefit of traffic, especially in urban areas.

The new RWA 700 wheel saw combines the great performance and productivity of the wheel cutters for in-line excavation, with the precision of small-section cuts for fiber laying, thus delivering an extremely versatile and complete product into the hands of utilities specialists.
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