an unforgettable year
Simex had its best year ever in 2017 in terms of sales volumes, but the year was special in other ways too. 
Simex CBE 50 in Russia: a destined success
The CBE 50 crusher bucket displayed its remarkable productivity on a job site outside Moscow, where it was put to work crushing different types of materials.
VSE 10: small, productive and versatile
The VSE 10 is the smallest of the Simex range of screening buckets, but it stands out for its versatility and productivity when processing different types of materials.
A Simex TF 1100 profiles in Romania
A Simex TF 1100 cutter head in Romania for work to profile the slopes along the road parallel to the Cheia River. the TF 1100 is also profiling the river banks, which will be laid with gabions to make them secure.
Simex TF 2500 in Malta: big production, zero environmental impact
Malta is a small country, but due to its geological characteristics it boasts a high number of quarries containing sedimentary rock. Many quarries are located near town centers or tourist destinations, so the quarrying method plays an important role; drilling and blasting or using breakers in fact can cause problems to the environment. Cutter heads, on the other hand, have the dual advantage of minimizing environmental impact and supplying the ideal sizes of material for later processing.
VSE 40 success in Siberia
A Simex VSE 40 screening bucket is delivering successful results in Siberia on the “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline, which will transport Russian gas into China. “Power of Siberia&...
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