Soil remediation of the green areas in a private residence with a VSE 30

Soil remediation of the green areas in a private residence with a VSE 30
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on 10/01/2022
Oliva Giovanni, an Italian earthmoving operator, thanks to a Simex VSE 30 screening bucket, carried out the remediation of the land surrounding a construction site, selecting and separating the soil from the demolition waste. Sifting soil from stones, roots and debris made it possible to quickly restore the green area of the house involved in the renovation work, reusing 100% of the material present on site. Finally, the waste material was easily disposed of in the appropriate plants.

Reclaiming soil directly on-site results in net savings, avoiding the huge costs associated with the purchase and transport of new raw materials and significantly lowering disposal costs.

The screening operation using a VSE bucket therefore guarantees the double advantage of saving both in terms of disposal – delivering only a minimum part of the total material – and in terms of supplying new soil for the refurbishment of green areas. The land reclaimed and cleaned from debris is immediately usable, aerated and of a size suitable for subsequent planting.

Despite the high soil humidity caused by the intense rains in the days prior to the intervention, production was still efficient, between 20 and 25 m³/h.

The rapid adjustment of the output size – an exclusive Simex patent that allows the shafts of the buckets to be instantly distanced and closened – was an added value for Mr. Oliva: «In these humid conditions soil tends to clump; it’s difficult to achieve a satisfactory screening result. The possibility of spacing the shafts with a simple command in the cabin added to the particular design of the VSE screening tools in the configuration for humid soils, allowed me to obtain the fine soil size (0-15 mm) useful for land remediation".
Simex VSE screening buckets aim to recover and reclaim the soil resulting from demolition and construction sites in a sustainable and circular perspective.
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