CT -  Vibrating Wheel Compactors
CT -  Vibrating Wheel Compactors
CT -  Vibrating Wheel Compactors

Vibrating Wheel Compactors

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Designed for compacting trench bottoms, Simex CT vibrating wheel compactors guarantee a permanently solid, even and well compacted bottom that ensures maximum road safety.
Perfect insulation from prime mover. Thanks to the reverse-rotation vibrating twin shaft positioned at center of the wheel, vertical forces are added up and horizontal forces are countered for increased operator comfort.
Wheel width can be adjusted via bolted sectors that are easily changed on site.
Possibility  to mount the rotation allows compaction in any position, even in the most difficult-to-reach areas.


  • Extremely precise and versatile
  • Maximum operator comfort
  • Result: solid, even and well compacted trench bottom


CT 2.8 B

CT 2.8 B
CT 2.8 B
CT 2.8 B
CT 2.8 B
CT 2.8 B
CT 2.8 B
Recommended excavator weight (1) 5-12 ton 11000-26500 lbs
Width of bolted sectors (mm) 150-200-250-300-250-400 mm 6-8-10-12-14-16 inch
Working depth 0-700 mm 0-28 inch
Operating weight (3) 530-585 kg 1160-1300 lbs
(1) The maximum operating load permitted for the excavator, when added to the weight of the standard bucket, must match or exceed the weight of the attachment.
(2) User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the excavator’s specifications and weight requirements.
(3) Widths different from those indicated are available on request.

Simex does not accept responsibility or liability for the information provided. Technical modifications may vary without prior notice.
These are the standard features, for custom solutions contact us.
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