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VSE 30 in Dublin: screening and selecting mixed materials
The Irish company Roadbridge, specialized in civil engineering projects, has tested Simex VSE 30 with the aim of selecting the soil for subsequent transport to a decontamination plant.
Versatility on the construction site: double work for a Simex TFC 400
Excavation of a trench for laying of sewers and milling on a vertical rock wall: Simex TFC 400 cutter head with continuous cutting at work near Ascoli, Italy. 
Simex TFC 400 cutter head with continuous cutting: video-interview directly on site
Double job for a Simex TFC 400 near Ascoli (Italy): trenching for laying of sewers and profiling on a vertical rock wall. Video-interview with the operator. 
Road maintenance: PL 45.20 and ST 200 in China
On April 2020, Simex sold a road planer PL 45.20 in China to Shunying Traffic Engineering Co., through our local dealer ATE (Shanghai). The planer has been added to a ST 200 asphalt float, already part of the fleet.
Road maintenance in China: milling and paving
Simex PL 45.20 road planer and ST 200 asphalt float on a jobsite in China. Road maintenance and paving operations.
Rad-Vibrationsverdichter CT 2.8
Grabenverdichter den kanal und kabelbau.
Cutter heads in India - Trenching for laying of pipelines
In Dwarka, in the state of Gujarat, the contractor COMACOE (Coastal Marine Construction & Engineering Ltd) dug a trench with our TF 3100 drum cutter, for laying a pipeline to convey seawater to a desalination plant in order to solve the big drought problems of the area.
Simex PV vibrating plate compactors
Designed to compact any surface, Simex PV vibrating plate compactors are an excellent solution for achieving a solid, even, and well compacted bottom that will never give way.
Rad-Vibrationsverdichter Simex CT
Grabenverdichter für den Kanal- und Kabelbau. 
Simex TF 850, double-drum cutter heads: trenching in France
Jean Roger, an earthmoving company based in Bédarieux (FR) used a Simex drum cutter TF 850 to create trenches for a sewerage installation.
Simex TF 850: cutter heads for trenching operations in France
Simex TF 850 double-drum cutter heads video: trenching for sewerage installation in France.
Simex PL 75.20, high flow road planer

Simex PL 75.20, high flow road planer, milling asphalt in the Highlands, Scotland.

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