On site recycling project with a Simex screening bucket

On site recycling project with a Simex screening bucket
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on 25/01/2023
As a result of the demolition, large quantities of concrete were crushed by a crusher. The material resulting from this operation was still raw, coarse, not suitable to be reused on site. The Simex VSE 30 screening bucket separated the larger sized material (40-100 mm) from the finer one (0-30 mm), also sifting it from the presence of debris and soil.
The fine material, screened by the tools of the VSE 30, was used as construction aggregate, while the coarse material, mostly concrete, was used in the construction of the perimeter screeds of the house foundations. The recovered concrete thus becomes a precious material that ensures both adequate ventilation, preventing moisture infiltration from the soil, and the necessary structural stability.

The VSE 30 was equipped with the disgregation tool configuration, characterized by the presence of a central blade, more aggressive than the other configurations available; this feature also allows a light crushing of the concrete during the screening phase, increasing the hourly production.
The reuse and remediation of the on-site material, thanks to the VSE 30 screening bucket, has allowed to significantly reduce the disposal costs and to cut those related to the purchase and transport of new raw materials. The rapid and instant variation of the output size, through a control in the cabin, has also accelerated the processing time necessary for the separation of the material in different grain sizes. Traditional buckets need long and complicated technical operations to change the output size or to adapt to different materials, for instance, by distancing the shafts or changing the screening tools.

The VSE 30 screening bucket, equipped with the new FIT tools, guaranteed an average hourly production of 25-30 mc/h. A result that fully satisfied the operator, given the material humidity and its marked abrasiveness.

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