PL Special Edition

PL Special Edition
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on 10/12/2017
To celebrate the production of the 30,000th Simex PL Self-levelling Planer, we exhibited at our stand at Samoter last February a planer produced in a limited series featuring a special paint job.

We decided to honor this milestone by making it an opportunity to lend a to hand others, producing a limited series of ten PL 1000 Limited Edition planers and offering them to our distributors at an extra charge. Simex then matched that add-on cost and donated the sum to a fund of the Italian Red Cross set up for populations in regions affected by the earthquakes of 2016

Simex dealers who awarded themselves the attachment were invited, along with the end customer, to the Simex factory headquarters to take delivery of the planer and be presented with a plaque in appreciation of their participation in this charity initiative. 

Our distribution network embraced the initiative whole heartedly, lining up to purchase the PL Special Edition as soon as we announced it. The special planers have all been long put to work, and now that the year is coming to an end, we’d like to pay tribute to the dealers whose “one of a kind” purchase served to perform a good deed for others.  

These are our ten “champions”: 

CGT Edilizia Spa
Franco Clò Srl
Cofiloc Spa
Di Paola Srl
Movimac Srl
Omeco Spa
Tognaccini Noleggi Srl
Toscomeccanica Srl
Treviso Macchine Srl
Trevisomacchine Srl
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