Simex cold planer: concrete scarification of an industrial floor

Simex cold planer: concrete scarification of an industrial floor
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on 09/12/2021
Ezhou, Hubei Province.
One of the largest express delivery companies in the country has recently built a big warehouse of 600.000 m². Simex cold planer was chosen to work between two processes: after the first slot of concrete was poured and before laying the final surface coating. 

PL 60.20 was set at a depth of 30 mm and was able to scarify up to 1200 m² per day. In fact, Simex road planers are not only designed to mill asphalt within roadworks jobsites. They are also created to mill pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces, such as concrete, and they allow the possibility to reuse milled material directly on site, for example, for backfilling trenches or excavations.

The customer was really satisfied with the result, also thanks to the special hydraulic features with which the cold planer is equipped: the patented self-leveling system granted a constant planing depth in any condition, while the independent depth adjustment on RH and LH sides allowed the operator to achieve perfectly flat surfaces with side-by-side passes, leaving no unmilled material between the lanes. Both slides move independently, providing greater stability and more precise planing movements.

Pictures are courtesy of ATE, our official importer in China.
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