Simex PL planer for skid steer loader - milling - utilities maintenance

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on 03/09/2018

A Simex PL 1000 self-levelling planer purchased by Bacino Ovest Scarl is used with high effectiveness in works to repair water supply and sewer networks.


Bacino Ovest Scarl is a consortium based in Quarrata (Tuscany) formed by Monaco, Celfa, Varia and Caldani Irrigazione. The contractor performs exceptional maintenance of water and sewer systems and also intervenes in emergencies in municipalities located between the western outskirts of Florence and Serravalle Pistoiese. The type of maintenance Bacino Ovest carries out requires skilled personnel (50 workers and 15 technicians/administrative staff), as well as machines and attachments assuring speed precision to reduce completion times to a minimum. 


A winning couple

Their fleet of 60 machines and attachments was recently added with a fresa PL 1000 planer used to delineate trenches which are later excavated with a mid-sized excavator. 

Paolo Rossi, administrative manager of Bacino Ovest: “Selecting the attachment is as important to us as training our personnel. When it came time to purchase a planer that could mill a meter down and a track loader that guaranteed the adequate power, we opted for a Simex PL 1000 and a Takeuchi TL 10 V2. We bought both the machine and attachment from Toscomeccanica, a dealer who has earned our trust due also to their ability to provide a rapid and precise response to all our needs for assistance.” 

The choice proved ideal because the track loader’s stability and hydraulic system provide maximized power to the planer, which can create the trench quickly and make job completion that much faster.

PL Series: reliability and productivity

Like all planers of the PL series, the PL 1000 is equipped with hydraulic piston motors in direct drive with milling drum, resulting in high efficiency and low overheating. This planer, in fact, can mill to a depth of 0-130 mm. 

The self-levelling system (a Simex patent) allows the attachment to operate at constant milling depths in any condition and regardless of the ground contour and position of the attachment with respect to the prime mover. This performance is also made possible by  the lateral slides of the planer which align automatically with the planing surface. 

The operator is free from worrying about poor visibility of the work area because the depth obtained is exactly and consistently that set thanks to the self-levelling feature. 

The slides move independently of each other, following the work surface precisely on right and left sides. The independent right-left depth adjustment combined with the self-levelling system achieves perfect surfaces with side-by-side passes. 

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