Rock wall profiling in a landfill: Simex TF 2100 drum cutter in West Italy

Rock wall profiling in a landfill: Simex TF 2100 drum cutter in West Italy
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on 22/03/2023
The company Ecosavona srl of Vado Ligure (Savona), operating in the sector of treatment and disposal of non-hazardous urban and industrial waste and in the sector of energy recovery from renewable sources, recently purchased from the Simex dealer Comai spa, with headquarters in Bra (Cuneo), a TF 2100 double-drum cutter head. Important player in the north-west Italy for the sale and rental of recognized brands in the earthmoving and road sector, Comai also has a branch in Liguria, in Albenga, which sold the Simex attachment.

The drum cutter, mounted on a Hitachi ZX350LCN-6, was used inside the Bossarino landfill, in the municipality of Vado Ligure, for rock wall profiling and earthworks. The plant is mainly intended for the disposal of non-hazardous special wastes, the recovery and recycling of materials and the production of electricity from organic residues.
The rock wall profiling was necessary for the subsequent installation of the waterproof geomembranes. Geomembranes are made up of an internal reinforcement in high density polyethylene which guarantees high mechanical resistance to stress. Among the most frequent uses of these panels there is the so-called "landfill capping”: definitive or temporary covers which prevent the infiltration of rainwater into the ground and the stagnation of the leachate, i.e., the liquid which derived from the contact of the water with the waste mass or from its decomposition.

For this reason, the company needed an equipment not just for crushing rocks but also to reach a high degree of finishing and precision, functional for the correct installation of the geomembranes. The TF range, unlike the traditional percussion systems, combines the great hydraulic power - generated by the motors in direct drive with the drums - with the selective and controlled breaking of the rock mass, ensuring the stability of the wall and producing a crushed material reusable on site and that does not even require further volume reduction by additional equipment or operating machine. The frame’s particular shape allows reducing the distance between the drums improving the total working width. In addition, the mechanical gaskets fitted on the drums ensure maximum resistance to dust and any external agent, allowing the TF drum cutter to work completely submerged into the ground, like happened in this specific job-site. The Simex TF 2100, with an operating weight of 2380 kg, expresses a nominal power of 120 kW and a cutting force equal to 71 kN.

Vado Ligure is a geologically complex area encompassing several lithologies, including various types of schist. Specifically, the TF 2100 double-drum cutter head faced schist with reduced resistance to excavation due to the high degree of fracturing and weathering. Factors that have facilitated the powerful action of the TF, which has guaranteed high production, satisfying the customer who estimated an actual output between 25 and 30 m³/hr.
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