Simex RS 16 planer meets with success in Saudi Arabia

Simex RS 16 planer meets with success in Saudi Arabia
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on 06/03/2019

Simex RS16 planer / grinder a 3-in1 attachment that creates rumble strips, has been positively received by users in Saudi Arabia. Through our local sales network there, around 20 have been ordered and in part already delivered. 

Delivered by the distributor Al-Henna Trading Company, a Simex RS 16 was working on an important thoroughfare outside Riad. The attachment got great marks for its productivity, ease-of-use and flexibility in application

It has not escaped the Saudi market that in general these types of machines and equipment, besides being costly, are large-sized, and even when compact, can be used only to make rumble strips, but not to perform normal milling of the road pavement, meaning the contractor has to invest in other special machinery. 

Simex again gave proof of its talent for innovation, responding to the problem by joining three applications (creation of rumble strips, milling, and removal of surface road markings) in a single attachment that can be mounted either on compact loaders or on small articulated or rigid wheel loaders. The full equipment comprises a planer that mounts a support at front. 

Rumble strips to the beat of the RS 16

Because the RS 16 maintains constant contact with the ground, the distance between the milled strips is constant regardless of the advancement speed of the prime mover. When this intermittence is made unnecessary and the planer has to work in continuous mode, the front part can simply be removed. By adjusting the width of the drum and modifying the mechanism that sets the distance between the strips, rumble strips can be milled to a depth and with spacing variable according to regulations in the countries where the equipment is to be used.
When operated as a planer, the RS 16 has the same features as a PL 40.15, permitting milling with widths up to 400 mm and depths from 0-150 mm. Like all Simex planers of the PL range, when the RS 16 is fitted with the suitable teeth, it can also be used for milling asphalt as well as concrete pavement. The planer can also be used with multi-tooth drum for the removal of road surface markings, making it a 3-in-1 attachment. 

Inserting rumble strips on certain points of the wearing course (generally longitudinal at edges of slow lanes) responds to the need to improve safety by reducing the possibility of the vehicle veering off the roadbed as a result of the driver falling asleep or being distracted.

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