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Simex TFC cutter heads with continuous cutting are particular drum cutters with a central chain. Their system allows the whole width of the attachment to cut without breaks at center or side footprints. They are used for finishing flat surfaces and trenches.

Simex can count on 4 models in this range: TFC 50 and TFC 100 are designed for being coupled with mini-excavators from 1,2 and 4,5 tons, while TFC 400 and TFC 600 are for 6–12 tons excavators.

The patented cutter heads with continuous cutting are quiet in the work area and do not intrude on the surrounding space. They are often used for crushing roots and tree trunks, milling asphalt, concrete and plasters. Thanks to the lateral disk addition, there is a control on removed layers.

Simex TFC 400, with its 18.5 kN of cutting force, is an attachment that can excavate small trenches for utility installation, profile concrete surfaces and crush tree trunks in agricultural-forestry applications. Their relatively small size allows the user to have control even when working in tight spaces, for example when demolishing small foundations.

Simex TFC 600 is designed to be used on heavier applications. With a cutting force of 24.5 kN, this attachment can mill deteriorated layers of concrete structures, such as sidewalls and tunnel vaults, and containment walls in road and highway settings. The TFC 600 can be used also in urban settings to perform trenching for utilities installation, branches of sewer systems or aqueducts.

VSE Screening Buckets with adjustable output size

Designed for separating different-sized materials on the worksiteSimex VSE screening buckets are characterized by their easy loading and simple operation.

This screening bucket allows the rapid and instant adjustment of the output size of the screened material in few seconds via a simple control in the cabin. The operator is able to screen the material according to his operating needshydraulically moving closer and further the shafts, with a travel adjustment of +/- 40 mm.

The specific shape of the tools allows an intense whirling of the material to be screened, boosting overall productivity. To further increase performance, Simex also offers specially designed tools for different applications. Tool replacement is rapid and requires no disassembly of shafts.

Simex VSE range includes 4 bucketsVSE 10-20-30-40, for excavators from 8 to 45 tons.

More attachments

Simex PLself-leveling road planers, are designed for removing the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or for milling damaged sections for later resurfacing.

Simex RW and Twheel saws, provide slots and trenches on hard material such as asphalt or concrete, for laying underground utilities or fiber optics.

Source: Australia Heavy Quip Journal

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