PL 2000 cold planer for skid steer loader
We are in Spoltore, near Pescara (Italy), where the company Asfalti Zaccardi Group, paving specialist, is using the PL 2000, cold road planer with a 2-meter wide milling drum. 
RWE 100 cutter wheel for demolition - Dismantling of concrete floor
The RWE 100 wheel saw was employed for making longitudinal cuts on a concrete industrial floor for demolition purposes
Crusher buckets vs rebar: challenge accepted
Thanks to the rotor system Simex CBE crusher buckets are unaffected by the presence of iron rods, soil, wood and deformable materials.
TF 1100 drum cutter - Extraction of calcium carbonate in quarry
A double-drum cutter head employed for calcium carbonate extraction in a quarry in northern Italy.
Soil stabilization with a Simex PL 100.25
Soil stabilization with lime is a crucial phase for consolidating soil sub-layers before compacting and paving.
Simex RWE 35/RW 350 wheel saw - Mini trenching for laying optical fiber
A wheel saw for mini and micro-trenching designed specifically for laying optical fiber.
Asphalt recycling in Estonia with a CBA 30 granulator bucket
Asphalt slabs recycling with a Simex CBA 30 asphalt granulator bucket
PV 600 vibrating plate compactor
Simex PV range features 5 models (PV 300-450-600-700-850) for excavators from 1,5 to 40 tons.
Simex ART®1000 in action
Simex patented technology, specifically designed for the regeneration of blacktop, which reuses 100% of the material present on site without removing the milled material or adding new HMA (hot mix asphalt).
TFC 400 chain drum cutter - Trenching and profiling
Simex TFC 400 cutter head with continuous cutting, awarded at the Samoter Innovation Award in the attachments category.

Video produced by Quelli Del Movimento Terra.
VSE screening buckets: episode 3
Episode 3 - FIT: the new screening tools
VSE screening buckets: episode 2
Episode 2 - Buckets at work
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