New investments in productivity

New investments in productivity
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on 20/06/2019

The new robotic welding station, now our third, marks an important investment in line with a strategy aimed to increase productivity without any compromise on quality.

Our robotic systems ensure the highest precision for welding tooth holders to the drums of the PL, PLB, and MP series planers, RW and T wheel saws, and the TF series cutter heads. The new system was purchased specifically for the TF, an attachment that possibly more than the others is submitted to extremely heavy applications.

What’s more, the new CNC boring center (which now brings the number up to two) further improves production capacity because it allows several components to be machined at the same time while maintaining the quality of the product. Like the first boring center, the new unit performs machining of a wide set of components, guaranteeing a precision down to a 100th of a millimeter.

The new equipment is located in a dedicated workshop and will stay there even when the new Simex facility of over 7,000 sq. m opens at the end of the year as part of a broader plan for increasing production capabilities. 

For more information on our attachments, feel free to contact us. We’ll be pleased to respond to any of your requests.
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