Simex crusher bucket: CBE 10 for volumetric reduction of aggregates

Simex crusher bucket: CBE 10 for volumetric reduction of aggregates
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on 09/11/2020
The dealer Salomoni srl of Campoformido (province of Udine) delivered a CBE 10 crusher bucket to the local company Zorzutto Cristiam srl, with the aim of redeveloping a residential area on the outskirts of Grado (Italy).
Mounted on a Hitachi Zaxis85, weighing around 9 tons, the choice of the smallest crusher bucket in the Simex CBE range was also motivated by logistical needs of the jobsite, as due to lack of space it was not possible to opt for larger volumes. Considerably lower in weight and size than its “big sisters”, the CBE 10 is nevertheless characterized by ease of loading and high cutting force.
The initial project involved the demolition and disposal of all sidewalks and cycle paths in the area. The CBE 10 crusher bucket ensured an adequate volumetric reduction of all materials and the operator was able to load the crushed aggregates directly into a truck for immediate disposal. The hardest and most resistant parts that made up the pavement, the “creases”, had previously been processed with the hydraulic hammer by a second excavator, to make them more suitable for loading into the bucket. Thanks to the Simex patent which allows the automatic inversion of the drum rotation in case of blocking, the CBE 10 crusher bucket has avoided unnecessary downtime caused by debris stuck among the teeth of the attachment.
The presence of break-resistant materials, such as concrete aggregated with local river rocks (the sidewalks and cycle path complex date back to the early '80), did not grant a high hourly production. Nevertheless, the customer said he was still very satisfied with the final work, aware of the hardness of the materials treated and the space limits in which he had found himself working.
Simex CBE 10 crusher bucket has proven to be able to fit perfectly into the demolition dynamics carried out daily by hundreds of companies. The primary volumetric reduction of site aggregates is essential in terms of saving money and reducing transportation and disposal time of the demolition material. This equipment is also ideal in those situations where larger machines cannot be used for reasons of space or sensitivity of the work area.
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