Simex resilience in Covid times

Simex resilience in Covid times
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on 09/10/2020

Alessandro Ferrin, Simex Head of Marketing, enlightens the impact of pandemic situation on the company, digital trends in the industry and plans for the following year. Moreover, Uwe Basler, sales area manager for Germany, introduces the screening and crushing range by Simex, including the VSE screening buckets.

The industry has been hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis. How have you been affected and what precautions were you forced to take?
Simex is 100% operational in all its production departments, starting from May 4th. In compliance with the national decrees, we have redesigned carefully our assembling spaces and the way of working of our people, in order to promptly fuIfiII orders, fuIIy respecting the maximum healthcare for our workers. Strict safety protocols have been activated, involving the reorganization of the working shifts, controlled and limited access, medical support, programmed sanitization, distribution of personal protection devices.

What is your opinion on digital product launches and online webinars? Would you like to follow this trend in the future?
We started to use massively the digital channels 3 years ago, thanks to a specific project we decided to launch to redesign the way we communicate with clients and of course the way we assist and support the end-users. Now, more than ever, these digital opportunities are very important and must be taken. A truly integrated experience between traditional marketing and digital channels is the best way to be always in touch with the market, partners, dealers and end-users.

What kinds of screening and crushing equipment do you offer?
Screening buckets for excavators that are used as a sieve, reducer and separator. Their specialty is that the output size can be hydraulically adjusted from the cab. Moreover, we offer crusher buckets for excavators and loaders. The crushing devices are breakers with teeth and counter teeth. The advantage is that even a softer and more elastic material can be crushed.

Can you describe the main features of Simex VSE screening buckets?
Regarding the VSE screening buckets, the output size can be continuously adjusted hydraulically from the cabin. Thus, a bucked load can be screened out with different output sizes without picking up the material again. The easily exchangeable attachments which are mounted on the shaft are applicable for different types of material such as soil, demolition waste, rock, concrete and wet or humid materials. 

How many models do you offer in the VSE range and which machines can they be mounted to?
There are 4 models for excavators from 8 to 45 tons. The attachments on all models can be exchanged for different types of materials within a short period of time.

What are your plans for the following year?
Our leading thought now is “WORK HELPS WORKING”. This means being an active part in the restart of the national and international productive system, whereas we will play our role, as we have been done for decades. As always, we will stand side by side with our dealers and end-user more than ever, with care, determination and professionality, to give them what Simex has always been designed and put into the market: innovative and high performing attachments, technical assistance and actual solutions, concrete and enduring in time.

Taken from: LECTURA DigiMessenger, issue 3, September 2020.
Editor: Patrik Eder
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