Form and substance on show at Bauma

Form and substance on show at Bauma
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on 26.03.2019

Simex’s 350 m2 stand at Bauma is testament to the company’s ongoing technological and industrial development and positioning on global markets.

Right now Simex is the producer that offers the broadest range of equipment for applications spanning the gamut from road maintenance to utilities installation, recycling, demolition right through to quarrying, mining and tunneling.
This offer, organized into 25 product ranges for a total of 80 models, is the result of sustained efforts in R&D, optimization of industrial processes as well as investments. But it doesn’t end there: Simex has started construction of a new plant that will allow the company to step up production when completed at the end of 2019. Simex is also expanding the sales network in areas including North America, India and Africa, while further strengthening is presence on markets where it has been a player for years. 

New products and a well-represented range

The stand showcases new models designed for the road sector, added to a wide selection of the production. Among other products on show are different versions of the updated RW 500 wheel saw whose power and demonstrated productivity has made it the standard of reference for companies that perform trenching for the installation of fiber optic networks.

Together with the CT 2.8 wheel compactor and the ST 160 and ST 200 asphalt floats, they are proof of how much Simex offers users who embrace the business of utilities installation. 

Visitors to the stand can view the RS 16, an attachment designed for creating rumble strips, but that has the adaptability to perform two additional functions, making it a full-fledged 3-in-1 attachment (rumble strips, regular milling of asphalt and removal of road surface markings). 

Representing the family of TF cutter heads, now counting 10 models, will be the small but powerful models TFC 100 and TFC 50. The TFC 100 can be mounted on 2.5-4 ton mini-excavators, whereas the TFC 50 is designed to be coupled to mini-excavators weighing 1.2 up to 4 tons.

The TFC 50 and TFC 100 cutter heads can excavate their entire width thanks to an innovative system with central chain that leaves no areas unmilled, enabling the attachment’s working capacity to be exploited to the maximum (the cutter heads TF 200 and up do not include the central chain and are instead powered by a coaxial motor, a Simex-patented solution).
Especially suited to nursery and forestry applications, such as cutting trunks and roots, these attachments prove highly effective for digging small trenches on rocky terrain or excavating small manholes or utility vaults for water, telephone or electrical lines.

TFC 50 and TFC 100 cutter heads can be used very effectively for milling walls in prefab concrete or for removing plaster. And thanks to the limited weight and size of the prime movers they are coupled to, they are ideal for the refurbishment of civil and industrial buildings, an application where they boast low noise level also in confined spaces. These attachments are also great for profiling horizontal or vertical surfaces that need to be smoothed out.

A new coordinated image

At Bauma Simex is also launching the new company payoff heavy made easy, a concept that sums up the ability of Simex products to make an easier job of what is usually a more challenging and complex task. 

The new payoff is matched with an updated coordinated image, including presentation of new promotional material and merchandising, not to mention a completely renovated stand and launch of the new web platform: a website that offers improved browsing with special focus on content and the possibility to make direct contact with the company.  

And on April 10th, in a repeat of its success at the last Bauma, the company will host an evening gala by invitation to be attended by customers, friends and representatives of national and international trade media. 

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