Simex at Ecomondo, Rimini: 26-29 October, 2021

Simex at Ecomondo, Rimini: 26-29 October, 2021
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on 26.10.2021
This year at Ecomondo Simex presents the new screening tool system with which all the VSE screening buckets will be equipped, which allows up to 75% less maintenance costs allowing the recovery and reuse directly on-site of the resulting materials from constructions and demolitions, in the most efficient way, thanks to the multiple configuration set-up.

The new CBA asphalt granulator bucket will also be the protagonist of the event: thanks to the cylindrical drum with interchangeable teeth and the rear grid that determines the size of the output material, now it is finally possible to produce an asphalt milling with certifiable granulometry, thus transforming the asphalt slabs into a resource.

The new VS front screening buckets for compact loaders, the BC beach cleaners, the CBE crusher buckets and the TF and TFC drum cutters will complete the exhibition.
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