Demolition and recycling with Simex CBE crusher buckets

Demolition and recycling with Simex CBE crusher buckets
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on 15.02.2021
Demolition and recycling within the same job site.

Simex crusher buckets are used effectively for primary volume reduction thanks to their high productivity, reliability and easy transport within the same job site or to other sites. CBE crusher buckets with rotor system are ideal for crushing reinforced concrete and demolition waste. The exceptional cutting force allows any material to be crushed due to the rotor with teeth activated by high-displacement radial piston hydraulic motors in direct drive. 
Simex crusher buckets have many advantages compared to other traditional demolition machines: the output volume of the aggregates is suitable to be immediately reused on site; they are unaffected by the presence of light or deformable materials such as wood, soil or mud; a valve allows the shaft to automatically invert the rotation of the drum (Simex patent) when the material, due to hardness or size, cannot be immediately crushed, enabling the maximum cutting force available to be applied in order to break it up.

Reliable and durable attachment.
The shafts on the CBE series of crusher buckets are first forged and then cold worked with numerical control machines until they reach the required sizes and tolerances. This production process guarantees even more hardness and reliability to this component, which is continuously submitted to dynamic stresses (torsional and shear) and to the effects of abrasivity of the stone or rubble crushed by the bucket. The teeth are extremely strong and resistant due to a special anti-wear treatment.

Available in 5 models for excavators from 8 to 55 tons (17500 – 121000 lbs), Simex crusher buckets have different sizes and weights, in order to cover all the application fields and operators specific requests: from the smallest, CBE 10, with a bucket capacity of 0,40 m³ (0,52 yd³) and an operating weight of 880 kg (1950 lbs), to the biggest, CBE 50, 1,80 m³ (2,35 yd³) for 4640 kg (10200 lbs). 
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