RW 500: born for fiber optic

RW 500: born for fiber optic
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on 30.03.2018
The range of Simex wheel saws (RW, RWE, T) meet trenching requirements for widths from 30 to 250 mm and depths to 800 mm. Thanks to the patented solutions and the special features of these attachments, they cut a clean and precise trench without damaging the bordering pavement so that the excavation material and the mechanical characteristics of the backfill remain intact.  

The RW 500 is designed to respond specifically to the excavation of mini-trenches on hard and compact surfaces, such as asphalt, cement and rock, a scenario where it stands out for its excellent productivity. 

The hydraulic motors in direct drive with the wheel saw deliver the maximum efficiency and a high cutting force. The operator no longer has to worry about poor visibility of the work area, because the cutting depth always and exactly corresponds to that programmed thanks to the self-levelling feature.

Trenching depth is constant in any condition, in fact, regardless of the ground contour and the position of the attachment with respect to the carrier, and it consistently and precisely corresponds that set. Another important feature of the RW 500 is the outlets for the discharge of material, a factor leading to a clean trench with a set depth without the need for a scraper; a solution that contributes to the lighter weight of the attachment. The excavated material is discharged both to the right and left; however, if needed it can be conveyed to one side only simply by closing one of the outlets. 

This is a very useful option when trenching at roadside. The base disk featuring removable and interchangeable sectors also permits a quick adjustment of the trench width without having to substitute the whole element, as a result avoiding extended times for replacement. Last, the total protection of the wheel at any working depth guarantees maximum safety to people and property by protecting from any material being propelled.
The RW 500 was recently purchased by I.S.A.C srl, a contractor for the past 30 years performing underpinning, special excavations, containment walls and casting in-situ, as well as works to secure trenches. The contractor has also created a division devoted exclusively to the excavation of mini-trenches for installation of fiber optic networks, and for this purpose has invested in new machines and equipment specifically for creating set-section trenches. 

One of the key attachments of this new fleet is the Simex RW 500 wheel saw, chosen for its productivity and precision, as Corrado Buttò, site manager for I.S.A.C. reiterated to us during the excavation of a new fiber optics segment in Cormano: 

“When we decided to get into fiber optics we wanted to equip ourselves as best as possible. To achieve profitability, this type of work calls for high productivity and precision, a basic requirement for keeping down trenching and resurfacing times. The RW 500 wheel saw was the most logical choice to guarantee these essential conditions and proved up to our expectations”.
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