Simex MP 800 for tunnel refurbishment

Simex MP 800 for tunnel refurbishment
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on 15.01.2021
Simex MP 800 cutter head for profiling has been used to remove the deteriorated layers of concrete inside the several tunnels that characterize the stretch of A1 motorway, towards Florence, in Barberino del Mugello.

External agents, such as water and carbon dioxide, trigger corrosion processes that can create serious cracking problems in reinforced concrete over time, exposing infrastructures to progressive structural weakening.
The unavoidable deterioration of concrete requires a remediation and refurbishing intervention. In the infrastructural field, this is a pre-defined thickness removal of the damaged surface. Specifically, in the reconstruction of the tunnel vaults, an attachment that grants a perfect control on the thickness of the milled material is necessary.
Simex MP cutter heads for profiling guarantee a perfect finishing in precision works, maintaining a constant milling depth, thanks to the side wheels, on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces.
In Barberino del Mugello construction site, in the tunnel works to remove damaged concrete, Simex MP 800 was equipped with side wheels, proceeding to a pre-set depth of 50 mm. MP 800 is characterized by a milling drum of 800 mm with an operating weight of 2000 kg.
The attachment was coupled to a New Holland E215 excavator, mounted in place of the forearm.
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