Simex ready for the fiber optic challenge, also in Germany

Simex ready for the fiber optic challenge, also in Germany
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on 19.03.2018

Simex, the international leader in planers, has long been developing and producing other attachments for trenches for installation of fiber optic networks. 

In Germany, the implementation of the European directive that requires the installation and upgrading of fiber optic networks by 2020, has given new impetus to public agencies, designers and companies in the telecommunications industry. 

Simex designs and produces wheel saws that excavate mini-trenches having a width of 25-250mm and a depth of 200-800mm. Special wheels saws are also produced to respond to the specific requirements of several countries tasked with the expansion and upgrading of the new fiber optic networks. 

To offer support, Simex hosted a workshop including field demonstrations for a group of important German companies operating in the sector of fiber optic networks. During the round table discussion participants exchanged views and opinions, with emphasis on the special demands and problems particular to Germany. 

New solutions for the German market  

To facilitate installation of fiber optic networks on sidewalks, the preferred solution in Germany, Simex recently brought out a new wheel saw, the RWA 500. This model is a version of the RW 500, which is already appreciated by many users in Italy and around the world. The special feature of the RWA 500 is that when the carrier is forced to operate on a slant, the wheel saw tilts so that it always works perpendicular to the ground. According to the saw selected, it can excavate widths from 50-120mm and thanks to the adjustable depth feature depths between 250-500mm

Enthusiasm was also expressed for the CT 2.8 vibrating wheel compactor, long in production and sold successfully around the world. This attachment uniformly compacts trenches from 80-400mm and guarantees quality of the backfill as well as the durability of the layers of asphalt on top.  

Thanks to a cutting-edge R&D department, a high-level production and quality control and a technically skilled sales organization, Simex has once again been successful in providing custom solutions, proving to be a valuable partner to customers across the world.

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