Simex VSE Screening Buckets

Which are the main features and advantages of Simex VSE screening Buckets? Let's find out:

The only one in the market with rapid control of the output size directly from the operator cabin, thanks to our international patent. When you have to vary the output size there’s no need to replace the entire draft or the single tools as it happens with most of the screening buckets on the market! With Simex VSE screening buckets you can adjust the output size of the screened material with a simple control from the operator cabin in only seconds. 

You can adjust the travel:  +/- 40mm, almost 2 inches, instantly while using the screening bucket, without having to stop working.

Save money and time! Single tools can be easily replaced instead of replacing the entire draft. Easy to use. High productivity: work safe, work fast. Available also without case drain line to fit all the existing excavator models on the market.

  • On-site screening
  • Padding
  • Processing different materials, even wet materials
  • Soil stabilization
  • Composting and aerating
  • Quarrying
  • Utilities job sites, pipeline sites
  • Recycling, landscaping, agricultural applications

  • Standard tool: for screening mixed materials
  • Breaking tool: for screening and breaking up light materials
  • Mixed tool: with blade for cutting non-stony objects contained in the material
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