Simexland, a board game by Simex!

Simexland, a board game by Simex!
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on 11.01.2022
Simexland is an engaging and dynamic board game where participants will have to complete as many processes as possible - trenching, milling, screening, excavations... - choosing the most suitable Simex equipment and combining them with the related prime movers. 140 equipment cards, divided into 8 machine-decks, faithfully reproduce almost all the models in the range.
Strategy and stubbornness come together in Simexland: will you be able to solve the goals that have been entrusted to you and earn more points than your opponents during the three rounds? But be careful of the unexpected: the event cards can in fact overturn the course of the game, or come to your rescue when luck seems to have turned its back on you. Finally, also in Simexland you will participate at the trade fair, a last exciting round where only the most resourceful player will gain the victory points.
We just have to roll up our sleeves, put on work gloves and reach the construction site, in Simexland.
Handle with care, it’s a Heavy Made Game!
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