Simply quality: the Simex PL 45.20 planer

Simply quality: the Simex PL 45.20 planer
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on 01.07.2021

Anhui Shunying Trafc Engineering recently used a Simex PL 45.20 asphalt planer successfully for road surface maintenance work. The firm is located in Anhui province, eastern China and took delivery of the unit, which was supplied by the Chinese Simex importer ATE.

The firm says that its units suit duties on road links carrying high traffic volumes. On busy roads it may not be possible to stop traffic, so compact attachments can be extremely useful. The PL 45.20 is suited for use on compact machines such as compact loaders and proved to be a very suitable solution for milling at various depths in the conditions. This allowed the full repair of the surface course.

The firm says that its planing tools allow users to carry out effective repairs that will last longer, while lowering costs and working time. By using PL cold planers, customers can extend the life of a road’s structure.


According to Simex, the use of the PL 45.20 has satisfied the needs of the customer, which has been able to make good use of all the various functions available with the attachment. Of particular benefit have been the self-levelling system combined with the independent depth adjustment on RH and LH sides.

These features allowed the operator to achieve flat surfaces with side-by-side passes, providing a constant planing depth and a consistent levelling of the milling surface with no unmilled material between.

The floating transverse tilt allowed the operator to keep the prime mover aligned to the road surface, regardless of the ground contour. Hydraulic depth regulation and the self- leveling system have enabled the operator to generate a double-step on the sides of the milled surface, which increases the asphalt durability after the paving, preventing water seepage and subsequent pavement cracks and potholes.

With a productivity of 400 m/hour at a set depth of 50mm, the attachment has proved to be of value for the Chinese company's fleet. Versatility has been a key benefit, while the PL 45.20 road planer combines structural compactness with high performance.

Article written by David Arminas, released on World Highways, June 4, 2021

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