TFC 50 drum cutter for removal of plaster on wall

TFC 50 drum cutter for removal of plaster on wall
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on 29.08.2023
The Chinese city of Hangzhou will host the 19th Asian Games, scheduled for the end of September. The various urban redevelopment interventions that the administration is putting in place also include the resurfacing of some road tunnels that run along the city. The goal is to scarify the plaster surface layer for the subsequent installation of new billboards and graphic panels aimed at advertising the sporting event.

The maintenance company had initially used wall sanders without however obtaining the desired results, proceeding slowly, with low productivity. The solution was found thanks to Simex importer in China, ATE (Shnghai), who proposed to use a TFC 50 cutter head with continuous cutting, equipped with side wheels, coupled to mini-excavator LiuGong 9035E.

The central chain makes the cutting profile continuous, without gaps at center between the drums, making the TFC 50 the ideal attachment for finishing works on flat surfaces. The operator proceeded with vertical movements, from top to bottom, then with side-by-side passes. The side wheels have fulfilled the dual function of guaranteeing perfect control of the thickness of the milled material, while helping the operator in the support and descent phase of the cutter head.

According to the customer, productivity was around 50 m2/hour, six times higher than the manual method previously used. The continuous cut technology is fundamental profiling walls and tunnels, since the side-by-side passes with the entire cutting width profile avoids any unmilled material to be left between a pass and the other.
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