VSE 30 screening in Dublin: video on site

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on 21.10.2020
The Irish company Roadbridge, specialized in civil engineering projects, has tested Simex VSE 30 screening bucket through our importer E&S Machinery.

The topsoil on which the Simex VSE 30 worked was of different shape and composition: the first kind, very dry, had a strong presence of rocks and stones. In the second case, however, the material was more clayey and heavier, very humid and compacted.

Thanks to the quick and instant adjustment of the output size of the screened material, by a simple control from the operator cabin (Simex patent), the VSE screening bucket proved to be a very versatile attachment, capable of adapting to the type of soil on which it was working.

With dry material, with a strong presence of rock debris, the operator chose to close the shafts as much as possible (15 mm / 0.6 inch), while, on the other hand, facing clayey material the shafts needed to be opened on their maximum travel range (55 mm / 2.2 inches).
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