Simex TA 300 wheel saw: a little champion of productivity

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on 03.12.2018

The TA 300 wheel saw can excavate mini-trenches with depths from 200-300 mm, and thanks to the conveyor and scraper it leaves the trench clear and clean

Simex TA 300 wheel saw is the smallest of the wheel saws offered by Simex, but it stands out for its hefty power and a discharge and tilting system that significantly improves working conditions when performing mini-trenching. 

In 2018 the attachment was added with a removable conveyor that allows the waste material from the trench to be transported into the bucket of another mini-loader or backhoe, skipping the step of having to collect the waste at a later time. Another important characteristic is the option of having the wheel saw with lateral tilt to compensate for the angle of the machine when it is not resting on a flat surface.

Simex TA 300 wheel saw works anywhere

The TA 300 wheel saw can excavate mini-trenches with depths from 200-300 mm. And thanks to the conveyor and scraper (both available as options), it leaves the trench clear and clean, speeding up  trenching operations and simplifying job site logistics. 

The piston that enables the disk to tilt, also available on request, places the operator in conditions to work with the disk perfectly vertical with respect to the surface to be trenched. This ensures the ideal working conditions also when having to work while straddling the curb.

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