Simex TFV vertical cutter head in action in Romania

Simex TFV vertical cutter head in action in Romania
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on 29.06.2018

Our distributor Mem impex from Bucharest sold a vertical cutter head TFV 600 to the contractor Tocari Group. The attachment was utilized by the contractor for the demolition and the milling of plinths.

The contractor had been looking for a good solution for the type of application and found the answer in the vertical drum cutter TFV after consulting with Mem impex. As Razvan Tocari commented, “Demolishing plinths is always a challenge and using a demolition hammer is only a partial solution to the problem. Instead, the TFV is a specific attachment that makes it possible to achieve a notable level of efficiency and productivity. Fundamental to our choice was the collaboration with Mem impex.”

Vertical cutter head Simex TFV: a problem-solving attachment 

Designed for mounting on excavator booms, the Simex TFV vertical planers are ideal for profiling trenches in irregular shapes, demolishing the base of pillars, demolishing and cleaning foundation plinths, excavating trenches with limited widths, and removing residues of metalworking processes and soil mixes.

The TFV range includes three models (TFV 400, TFV 600 and TFV 850) with powers between 37 and 60 kW. The attachments are driven by hydraulic motors with direct drive radial pistons to allow maximum efficiency, and are fitted with milling drums available in different diameters to take on many types of applications.

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