an unforgettable year

an unforgettable year
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on 22.12.2017

Simex had its best year ever in 2017 in terms of sales volumes, but the year was special in other ways too. 

The 12 months coming to a close saw us making efforts to build a strategy for expansion into new markets, strengthen the distribution network and further our research and development. We’ve also been developing a program of investments regarding  the production cycle, an essential preparation for the inevitable technological and organizational challenges that follow any spurt of growth. 

During 2017 we sought to place even greater emphasis on the quality of our attachments and maintained our priority to provide concrete responses to the needs of users. This ability to listen to them materialized in the expansion of the range of VSE Screening Buckets and completion of the renewal of the TF series, two product lines that again confirm the extent to which our commitment to design and production across the entire range has led to truly innovative solutions.  

This year also saw the success of a very special project to aid  areas struck by the earthquake in 2016: we celebrated the production of the 30,000th PL planer by issuing a limited series of 10 planers (all PL 1000). Through an additional charge on the sale and a donation to the company, this special series allowed us to give a solid contribution to a fund of the Italian Red Cross.

But aside from the successes and goals we achieved this past year, we aren’t ignoring the challenges that await us in 2018. We’re ready to take them on, sure of our identity as an Italian producer with deep local roots known for a tradition in mechanical engineering and as a company that views the world as its market of reference. 

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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