Simex CBE 50 Crusher Bucket for excavator - application: recycling mixed material, wood and concrete

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on 20.09.2017

The CBE 50 crusher bucket displayed its remarkable productivity on a job site outside Moscow, where it was put to work crushing different types of materials.

The recent urban development of Litkarino, a city located 40 km outside Moscow, echoes the pace of Moscow’s with the need to build new structures, including a day care center to be rebuilt on the same lot where the earlier one had stood since the 1960s. The contractor assigned was tasked with both demolishing the existing structure and reconstructing the new center in the shortest time possible.  

CBE 50, the problem solver 

Demolition required that the primary crushing of the debris be carried out in situ, but without resorting to a large mobile crusher due also to space restrictions. There were also some trees at the site that were hindering the new building’s construction and had to be cut down as they did not fit with the project for the new garden. 

The task was twofold: to achieve a crushing system that would reduce the debris, including material such as brick and large blocks of reinforced concrete, to sizes that would allow them to be reused; and a system that would be able to crush wood, a material known to be challenge for any type of attachment not specifically designed for the application. Also making it even more difficult to reduce the volume of material was the fact that wet soil was part of the mix, a condition that tends to reduce the efficacy and productivity of buckets with jaw systems.

After evaluating numerous solutions, the contractor made the choice for the Simex CBE 50 crusher bucket, as it seemed to the best suited to handle the particular demands of the job site. What specifically convinced the contractors was the strong construction of the frame and the attachment’s low operating cost. An aspect the technicians for the contractor were also impressed with was that unlike jaw crushers, the Simex system allows any type of material to be crushed, including wood, also when the wood is mixed with soil or mud. Another appreciated feature was the operator’s comfort during the long working hours, an advantage created by the absence of eccentric motion that is present on jaw crushers. 

A crushing workhorse  

The Simex CBE 50, currently the largest of the range of Simex crushers (which also includes the CBE 10, CBE 20, CBE 30 and CBE 40), was designed for excavators with a weight of 38-55 metric tons.  The CBE 50 crusher bucket exerts a cutting force at the tooth of 190 kN and is equipped with a rotor fitted with teeth. The system is activated by hydraulic piston motors in direct drive for a system not relying on reduction gears.

With a capacity of 1.80 cubic meters (SAE J742) and a wide mouth that allows for easy loading, this bucket is capable of producing material with an output size between 0-80 and 0-140, and at the same time eliminating downtime. A valve permits the shaft to  automatically invert the direction of rotation when the material, due to hardness or size, cannot be immediately crushed, enabling the maximum cutting force available to be applied in order to break it up. The CBE 50 also stands out for its robust construction and the reliability of all parts subject to wear. 

The shaft is first forged and then cold worked with numerical control machines until the required sizes and tolerances are reached. This production process guarantees even more hardness and reliability to this component, one continuously submitted to dynamic stresses (torsional and shear) and to the effects of abrasivity of the stone or rubble crushed by the bucket.  

For the teeth, Simex opted for KenCast™ technology from Kennametal, which offers exceptional duration and resistance to wear. With this treatment, the tungsten particles are bound with air-hardening steel, the result being a composite material that is seven to five times more resistant to wear and impact compared to other types of treatment. 

As proven in many operating scenarios around the world, in optimal operation conditions (hydraulic power of the prime mover, work cycle, experience of the operator, etc.) the Simex CBE 50 can arrive up to a production of 70 cu m/h

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