Simex VSE 10 screening bucket for excavator - application: topsoil screening & recycling

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on 28.07.2017

The VSE 10 is the smallest of the Simex range of screening buckets, but it stands out for its versatility and productivity when processing different types of materials.

Bellesia srl headquartered in Rio Saliceto near Reggio Emilia tested out the Simex VSE 10 Screening Bucket with successful results, then decided to purchase this latest model of the Simex attachment.

Bellesia srl has been active since 1980 in a variety of sectors, including excavation, earthmoving, construction aggregates, urban infrastructure works, materials recycling and the installation and management of solar panels. 

Bellesia srl is using a VSE 10 coupled to a Komatsu PW 118 MR wheel loader in the Migliarina recycling center.

As commented Massimo Bellesia, technical director for the company: “We decided to purchase the VSE 10 after extensively testing it out on different materials and came to the conclusion that the screening bucket would allow us to provide a new service to our customers. We were able to use the attachment to separate roots from topsoil and produce a material appreciated by landscapers and gardeners. We also recycled fine concrete and produced an ideal size for laying various types of pavement. The mobility we had inside the plant, thanks to coupling the attachment to a wheel excavator, and the ability to instantly vary the output size directly from the cabin resulted in an exceptional level of productivity."

The latest in “a good family”

Since its launch with the introduction of the Simex VSE 40, the range of Simex screening buckets has won notable success on many markets. 

After the VSE 30 and the VSE 20 were brought out, Simex launched the VSE 10 in a world premiere at Samoter. This new model, while maintaining the exceptional ratio between capacity and weight, also includes the possibility of screening any material when paired with excavators weighing 8-13 tons.

Like its big brothers, the VSE 10 features the possibility of changing output size (even several times over the course of the work day) without undergoing long down times or delays due to complicated mechanical procedures, a feature that has an important impact on productivity and profitability. The VSE 10 assures excellent levels of production, also thanks to the rhomboid-shaped elements with different-sized disks that make up the shaft. This particular shape produces an intense whirling of the material to be screened, all to the advantage of hourly production. 

To further increase the performance of the VSE 30, Simex will make available tools specially designed for the different screening applications (stone, recycled and organic materials, etc.), making the attachment ideal for non-demolition related jobs, such as landscaping and materials recycling.

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