Simex VSE 10 screening bucket: success at Typomaniacs Mini-excavators

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on 18.07.2018
The event Typomaniacs Miniexcavators was held last June in a gravel quarry in Palosco near Bergamo. Organized by the portal GoWem, it featured the participation of several of the major manufacturers of miniexcavators, including Eurocomach, Volvo, Messersi, Kato, Imer, Yanmar, Takeuchi and Mecalac. Visitors signed up for the event arrived from all over Italy and had the opportunity to try out the machines exhibited and get a firsthand experience of their performance and operating capacities. 

Simex took into its own demo area a PV 450 vibrating plate mounted on a Eurocomach ES57 miniexcavator and a VSE 10 screening bucket montated on a Takeuchi TB290.

Our participation in the event was definitely a success. Over 40 visitors tried out the PV and more than 100 the VSE10 screening bucket. As for the screening bucket, everyone pointed out the advantages of the instant output size change system via the direct command right in the cabin. Another feature that impressed visitors was the high productivity of the attachment also when working with wet material.
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