VSE Screening Buckets: comparison between Simex technology and traditional methods - chapter 2

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on 01.06.2018

The screening system used for the VSE buckets not only allows a quick adjustment of the output size, but also guarantees excellent production in the presence of material mixed with wet soil, consistently assuring that material is perfectly screened. 

In fact, wet soil has no impact on the bucket operation. Thanks to the disks and their configuration, the attachment perfectly separates the material

The drums are composed of elements with different-sized disks, whose peripheral speed varies significantly, causing the intense whirling of the material to be screened. All VSE series buckets are easy to load, have a wide mouth in the form of a standard bucket, and offer ease-of-use and a very quick adjustment of the output size. 

This feature considerably increases the profitability of the bucket because it makes it possible to work in situations where other buckets cannot deliver satisfactory results. When fitted with suitable disks, Simex screening buckets can also screen compost and topsoil for nursery applications

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