PL 100.25 road stabilizer: ground consolidation

PL 100.25 road stabilizer: ground consolidation
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on 22/02/2022
A Simex PL 100.25 stabilizer was employed for ground consolidation works for the subsequent realization of concrete yards. Set at a depth of 210 mm, the PL 100.25 mixed and moved the clay and stones present in the ground, mixing them with the lime. At the end of this phase, the operators proceeded with the compaction and laying of cement.
Soil stabilization with lime is a crucial phase for consolidating soil sub-layers before compacting and paving. Stabilization in fact involves the use of the material already present on the construction site with the addition of the most suitable binder (lime or cement) to the characteristics of the soil, without removing and disposing of material.
The final result is the substantial improvement of the geotechnical characteristics of the existing ground, reducing its intrinsic plasticity and increasing its bearing capacity. The soil, mixed with the binder, becomes less sensitive to the action of atmospheric agents.
The PL stabilizer is also equipped with the mechanical and hydraulic characteristics that distinguish Simex road planers. The self-leveling to the work surface ensures constant planing and mixing depth in any condition regardless of the ground contour and the position of the attachment with respect to the base machine. The lateral slides of the planer move independently of each other and precisely follow the surface to the right or left. The independent depth adjustment on RH and LH sides combined with the self-leveling system achieves perfectly flat surfaces with side-by-side passes.
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