RW 350 wheel saw: micro-trenching for fiber optics

RW 350 wheel saw: micro-trenching for fiber optics
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on 12/07/2023
We visited a road construction site near Frosinone (IT), where the Iritel company of Terracina was micro-trenching for the subsequent laying of the optical fiber, for the final connections to the buildings.
For micro-trenching, the company relied on the Simex RW 350 wheel saw, purchased through our dealer Officina D'Amato & Marenghi based in Zagarolo (Roma), and then coupled to a Gehl V330 skid steer loader. It is a model specifically designed for mini and micro trenches for fiber optic cables installation. The equipment is characterized by the possibility of mounting 25-30-40-50-80 mm wide cutting discs, operating at a depth of 250-300-350 mm, with mechanical-manual adjustment. Specifically, the Iritel model mounted a 30 mm wide wheel, working at maximum depth.

Unlike with conventional excavations, mini- and micro-trenching are much faster, with lower production of waste material and considerably lower restoration times and costs. In addition, the possibility of using smaller operating machines limits the size of road construction sites to the benefit of traffic, especially in urban areas or, in general, in all those places that are difficult to reach by heavy vehicles.

The RW 350 is equipped with the swinging self-leveling system; thanks to the articulated support that rotates on the axis of the drum, the slides always rest stably on the ground, granting a constant trenching depth in any condition. Furthermore, the particular design of the outlets and the trench clearing device guarantee the correct expulsion of the milled material, leaving the trench cleared at the set depth.
Another extremely peculiar feature of the RW 350 wheel saw consists in the predisposition for a double coupling to the prime mover: in fact, the particular design of the frame allows it to be mounted both on skid steers (with the addition of the hydraulic side shift) and on 8-13 tons excavators (with specific bracket), thus taking the name of RWE 35.

The RW 350 has demonstrated great reliability and excellent performance, attested by the customer in a machine advancement of around 3 linear meters/minute.
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