Commercial breakthrough for Simex in the US

On the occasion of Conexpo 2023, Simex is proud to announce the launch on the US market of its entire range of cold planers and wheel saws for loaders and skid steer loaders. Therefore, participating in North America’s largest exhibition for the earthmoving sector will not only be an exhibition opportunity for the company, but it will also mark the beginning of a new strategic and commercial phase for Simex products in the US market.

The opening of the new US branch office in 2021 has resulted in a guaranteed stock of equipment and spare parts and, consequently, faster delivery times, prompt pre- and after-sales service, and on-site installations supervised by qualified staff. At the same time, the expansion of the sales and dealer network has paved the way for Simex’s participation in Conexpo 2023, which is now more aware of its needs when it comes to doing business in the vast territory of the United States, with a clear strategy for penetrating the market.
This edition will mark a step change in Simex's approach to sales in the US market. From now on, in fact, the entire range of PL asphalt cold planers and wheel saws from the RW and T range will be marketed, opening up a new direction in the field of road maintenance and underground utilities with over 30 models for loaders, compact loaders and excavators. Starting with the consolidated Simex milling technology, developed and fine-tuned in over 30 years in the business, the entire PL line will be guaranteed to American road maintenance operators, from 250 to 2000 mm in width (10-80 inches) and up to 350 mm in depth (14 inches). In this regard, on the occasion of North America’s biggest trade show in the earthmoving sector, Simex will provide great visibility for the widest road cold planer in the attachment market, the PL 2000-80 inch which, with its 200 cm (80 inch) drum, can reach 4 milling meters (160 inches) in just two passes.


In the mini- and micro-trenching sector, the range of RW and RWA wheel saws will steal the show due to its peculiar characteristics such as the self-levelling system, which adjusts to the surface, the segmented wheel (which makes it possible to quickly change the trench width, while maintaining the same base wheel) and the hydraulic lateral tilt of the RWA 500 model (showcased at the trade show), which keeps the cutting wheel always vertical, even when the prime mover is not parallel to the road surface.

Innovative skid steer equipment, designed for roadworks applications, will be presented at Conexpo. We are talking about the D-BLADE 200, a floor saw with diamond blade for cutting depths up to 200 mm (8 inches). The D-BLADE range was created with the intention of incorporating asphalt diamond saw technology into skid steer loaders, ensuring increased safety for operators. As the name itself suggests, the Simex asphalt saw is ideal for linear cuts on road surfaces, for concrete, and for creating expansion joints on continuous surfaces. One of the most frequent uses of the D-BLADE is the removal of predefined sections of asphalt for subsequent restoration or for opening new road manholes; however, it is often used to make sharp cuts for laying fiber optic cables. The clean and burr-free cut produces minimal waste material and avoids trench deformation, facilitating the filling phase and ensuring restoration quality.
Simex at Conexpo Con/Agg, Las Vegas (NV), 14-18 March 2023. WEST HALL, BOOTH W43273.
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