Cold planer PL 45.20: road maintenance in China

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on 07/05/2021
Simex PL road planers for skid steer loader are equipped with the self-leveling system. It’s a Simex patent which ensures constant planing depth in any condition, regardless of the ground contour and the position of the attachment with respect to the prime mover.
The lateral slides of the planer automatically align to the milling surface, providing maximum stability. The slides move independently of each other and precisely follow the surface to the right or left. The independent depth adjustment on RH and LH sides combined with the self-levelling system achieves perfectly flat surfaces with side- by-side passes.
In addition, the floating transverse tilt ensures the drum of the asphalt planer Simex PL to be always aligned to the milling surface, even when the base machine is not parallel to the ground.
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