Simex Microtrenching Workshop 2017

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on 15/11/2017

In October, Simex hosted a day dedicated to trenching and installation of fiber optic networks at our headquarters. Participants included a delegation of 25 representatives from German and Austrian companies involved in this sector.

Fiber optics installation is a relevant issue today because the European Commission has launched a plan whereby the citizens of member countries will be able to access a connection that by 2025, where possible, can reach 100 Mega. Given the scale of the plan, the issue has expectedly set off debate across the EU. Germany, in fact, is still discussing how to address the technical problem of trenching to accommodate the new infrastructure. This was a major reason why the German delegation participated in such numbers and with great interest in the Simex initiative.

Guests of honor were the engineers Edoardo Cottino and Giuseppe De Angelis of Sirti SpA, world-renowned company in the sector of fiber optics networks. Simex has a long partnership with Sirti, a company that has developed advanced solutions for microtrenching. The participants paid close attention to the presentation by engineer Cottino, who explained the innovative system for trenching, laying and backfilling used by Sirti in several cities in Italy.

Our guests were also very interested in the practical demonstration of various equipment which took place on our testing ground, where they got an up-close view of all Simex’s solutions for the microtrenching sector aimed at creating fiber optic networks.

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